May 31, 2005

CCTV doesn't work

Remember all the CCTV camera's that have appeared over recent years? How that they where supposed to cut crime and bring safety to the streets, about how the improvement that they would bring to reducing crime far out wieghed the loss of privacy? Turns out that was wrong [hat tip]. While the loss of privacy is manifest with goverment funded peeping toms the benefits have been slight. Since 1998 £170 million was made available for 684 installations in public spaces nationwide but:
Assessed on the evidence presented in this report, CCTV cannot be deemed a success. It has cost a lot of money and it has not produced the anticipated benefits.
According to the governments own analysis. Rather like another policy that is currently being put in motion. A policy that will cost vastly more than they claim, probably £300 per card, and require the renewal of your licence to exist every 5 years as the 'infalible' biometrics that it is based on change naturally over time.


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